Work in Progress

Work in Progress (Selected)

Cognitive Abilities, Gender, and Migration Aspirations (with Panu Poutvaara and Till Nikolka)

The Rise of Cohabitation and Changes to Gendered Work Specialization (with Federica Querin).

Pathways to Childlessness in Spain: Exploring the Intersection of Partnership and Employment Trajectories (with Mariona Lozano and Sergi Vidal).

Can the gendered sorting of occupations explain wage differentials across educational levels in the US? (with Federica Querin and Varun Satish)

The Value of Health (with Andreu Arenas and Carles Boix)

Does Migrant Selection Vary with the Generosity of Social, Economic, and Political Rights Across the OECD? (with John Palmer).

The role of political forces in shaping international migration (with Carles Boix, Martin Guzi and Mariola Pytlikova).



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